EnterSale System for restaurant, café, hairdressing, food, etc.

Software Features:

1. Inventory/Stock Control with Split Tenders, Accounts.
2. Restaurant Mode with Graphical Table Layout Designe. Seat Numbering
Table ordering with restaurant POS Mobile features.
3. Customer Management
4. Automated End of Day and Month/Year processing
5. Payments in 32 different currencies, with sales control at the end
6. Powerful Sales Analysis
7. User level security with 20 employees checkouts
8 .Back office on PC or WEB.
9. Scan a product’s barcode. Weight if scale connected, the system can automatically read from your scale
10. Use an PC,Android devices connected wirelessly to a POS system to update price, stock take, ordering.
11. Low Stock Warnings and Low stock print
12. Expanded Customer Info
13. Automatic Tax Rates, 5 different VAT
14. 6 different Discounts
15. Auto Email Reports
16. Split Payments
17. Club or Member Discounts
18. Multiple Open Sales
19. Bookeepeng system with payment history, customer history
20. Advert screen to show your customer about your offers
21. Supports multiple Kitchen Printers.
22. Powerful billing system
23. Booking for hairdressers ETC………